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July Updates for Clubs

Ontario Women's Field Lacrosse is back!

The OWFL  will be running 3 weekend tournaments in Halton Hills for U11, U13, U15 and U19 age divisions. 

Tournament dates are as follows: 

  • July 10th - U19 am, U15 pm

  • July 11th - U11 am, U13 pm

  • July 17th - U19 am, U15 pm

  • July 18th - U11 am, U13 pm

  • July 24th - U19 am, U15 pm

  • July 25th - U11 am, U13 pm

2021 Tournament Schedule - July 24/25

Play will be 7 v 7 for U11 & U13, and 6 v 6 for U15 & U19.   All games will be played as two 20 minute halves. (Rules and additional roster information will be sent out on Friday July 2nd.) Guaranteed 3 game minimum per tournament weekend. 

Each division will be limited to a maximum of 16 teams.  Participation will be awarded on a first come first serve basis (payment included).  

Entry fees are $500 per team per tournament.  Fees are non refundable.

DEADLINE for team registration and entry fees for both the July 10th/11th weekend, and July 17/18th weekend is JULY 5th.   Full payment is due upon registration.  Fees are payable by E-transfer only.  The entry fee for the final July 24/25 tournament is due July 12th. 

 A google form is attached to register the number of teams you intend to enter for all of the tournaments.  

Please ensure that ALL players and bench staff who plan on participating have completed their registration on Sportzsoft.  This is mandatory.  "Try It" is not a valid registration for tournament play. 


Return to Activity Guide & Insurance

The 2021 OLA Return to Activity Guide was released with policy guidelines for OLA clubs to ensure we are prepared to return to fields and arena facilities in a safe and responsible way.

The OLA website currently has a copy of the OLA Insurance Handbook and the 2021 OLA General Certificate of Insurance. Your familiarity with these documents will assist with club operations and general questions from members about insurance.

Club Refund Policy & COVID-19 Compliance Agreement

Prior to opening 2021 registration, clubs are required to have a club-approved refund policy that is communicated to all members. Posting your club refund policy online is encouraged. The 2021 Club Compliance Agreement is the next step which needs to be completed by the club President prior to any on-field or on-floor activity. Club Presidents can complete that agreement here.


The RTA registration process has been designed to recruit and retain players in all disciplines; box, field and women’s field. All members must register in the new OLA Return to Activity (RTA) products on SportzSoft to be insured as members in the RTA season. Because municipal facility availability varies in different regions of the province, or clubs may only have access to outdoor or indoor facilities, an OLA box/field waiver, along with concussion and COVID-19 waivers, need to be consented to for RTA membership. All waivers are mandatory for participation.

Similar to the design of 2020 RTA which offered Summer and Fall sessions, the 2021 RTA registration offers up to three sessions, or registration blocks, to help clubs:

  • Navigate uncertain PHU challenges

  • Reduce/eliminate program refunds

  • Respond/accommodate greater lacrosse opportunity

Clubs can decide which program, lacrosse discipline, program length and fee you wish to implement. Think of the sessions as time blocks in which you can sponsor box, field and/or women’s field programs. Should you need only one session for the design of your season, that’s all you need to configure. Within each registration session, all disciplines can be run concurrently (similar to a non-pandemic season).  Should you wish to run a six-week field session followed by an eight-week box session, the flexibility exists to create two lacrosse registration blocks (with possibly different participants and program fees). Only the first registration session is pushed down for club registration now (products can be activated by adjusting the effective or start date). All box, field and women’s field products are available (with a session suffix RTA-1).

Please note: Club Registrars need to approve RTA members so clubs can establish participation cohorts based on RTA/PHU protocols. An overall club member profile should be established to determine the eligibility of existing members and their PHU status. As per existing OLA Policies, all coaches and trainers engaged in RTA programs need to be CRC-approved by the Club Privacy Officer.


Player movement under RTA is currently more restricted by health protocols than residential boundaries. Health protocol guidance for player movement under RTA includes:

1.    Players register with their home Association for RTA programming (if PHU colour-coding allows)  

2.    Should home Association not be offering RTA programming or player is prohibited to register with home Association under PHU colour-coding mandates: players are free to register with: (a) the closest club in their PHU offering a program or (b) the next closest club where PHU player movement aligns (see Participant Movement in RTA attached)

3.    Players may also register with their home Association under direction/instruction issued by the home Association’s PHU Medical Officer of Health (that may vary from directives outlined in the Emergency Order or the OLA RTA Guide).

Women’s Field: limited consideration of releases


For the 2021 season, the SportzSoft/OLA fee structure is:

  • OLA Fee (includes insurance): $20.00 (non-refundable)

  • SportzSoft registration fee: $2.10 

  • SportzSoft registration fee for products/merchandise $50< is $0.53 (vs $2.10)

  • SportzSoft registration fee for coaches/trainers/volunteers: $0

  • TRY Lacrosse: $0

For the 2021 season, the Peloton fee structure is:

  • Credit card processing fee: 2.75% (a blended rate for all cards)

  • Credit Card return fee: $0.50 per transaction

  • EFT fee (club Peloton→ club bank account transfers): two free per month; $0.50 per additional funds transfer

  • Account Fee: $80.00 (annual merchant account fee applied in February)  

Note: Peloton Technologies is the payment processing partner of SportzSoft who serves your club with a merchant account to transact credit card payments to your club bank account. A Peloton merchant account is a necessary part of the SportzSoft/OLA platform. Please remember it would be important to confirm who has password access to your club Peloton account. We recommend Peloton password access be changed with any new Executive member now in that role, or as directed by your Executive. Peloton password access can be changed online in the Peloton software. For obvious security reasons, the OLA is not involved in that process. Your club will not be able to access your account unless administrative access has been confirmed with Peloton (no action required if this is the same Executive member as last year). Should you need to contact Peloton directly, use


Information privacy documents are required to be reviewed and agreed to by all League/Zone and Club Registrars for access to the SportzSoft/OLA Registration Database. Should your club not currently be online to open registration, email Ron MacSpadyen at for instructions and documents to activate your SportzSoft account.


The protocol for criminal record checks/offense declarations in 2021 should provide clubs with a simple process to recruit previous/potential volunteers:

  • For Coaches/Trainers/Managers properly registered and CRC-approved in 2019→ need to complete an Offense Declaration covering the period since last approval

  • For Coaches/Trainers/Managers not registered and/or not CRC-approved in 2019→ new CRC required

The above protocol would also apply to any other club members requiring CRC-approval under the OLA Screening Policy. The OLA partners with Sterling BackCheck in an effort to expedite a cost-effective solution for volunteer screening. Learn more here. Click here for the OLA Offense Declaration Form.


A reminder TRY Lacrosse is currently open running to June 1. TRY Lacrosse is a free registration option for all OLA clubs running free introductory RTA skill programs targeted to recruiting new players. The purpose of this registration option is to allow OLA clubs to promote local, learn-to-play opportunities with age groups of new players, while ensuring all participants are properly registered and insured. Under the TRY Lacrosse registration option, all registered participants and OLA clubs are not charged any registration fees. The TRY Lacrosse program appears as a menu option (to be activated by Club Registrars) in the SportzSoft registration software. Activating the program simply means all parents/players interested in participating register using a link on your website.

For further information go to Ontario Lacrosse Association

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