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Want to Play?

Girls and women's field lacrosse is an outdoor, non-contact sport primarily played in the spring and summer across Ontario. Games ranging from 40 to 60 minutes are played on a soccer-sized field and in its true form, women's field lacrosse is played 10 v 10, including the goalkeeper.

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Very little equipment is required to play women's field lacrosse. Required equipment includes:


  • Women's field lacrosse stick

  • Moulded mouthguard that covers all upper teeth (cannot be white or clear, nor have images of teeth)

  • NEW in 2024: Girls Field Lacrosse Goggles (Mandatory) - read the full policy here.

A women's field lacrosse stick is different than a box lacrosse or men's field lacrosse stick in that it has a shallow pocket. For a full list of sticks that are legal (which includes nearly all sticks available for purchase by major brands in Canada, click here.

Find Your Local Club
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Find Your Local Club

Under Ontario Lacrosse Association (OLA) rules, players must register and play with their local club. If your home town does not have a program you must register with the club that is closest to your home. 


Many clubs offer "try it" sessions in the pre-season. Contact your local club for more details. 

To see a list of OWFL Member Clubs, click here.


Age Groups
Residency Rules


Registration is now open for the 2024 season! Visit your home centre's website for registration information. Links to club websites can be found on our homepage. 

Rep Girls Field - U9 | Born in 2017/2016
Rep Girls Field - U11 | Born in 2015/2014
Rep Girls Field - U13 | Born in 2013/2012
Rep Girls Field - U15 | Born in 2011/2010
Rep Girls Field - U19 | Born in 2006 - 2009
Rep Women's Senior | Born 2005 and older

*No senior programming is currently slated for the 2024 OWFL season.


Players and volunteers at all levels are required to register with their local club to participate in women's field lacrosse.


Please note that players must be "in good standing" as determined by your Home Club to be eligible to register for the OWFL season.  A player who is not in "good standing" will not be permitted to register or attend tryouts for the Ontario Summer Games, or any Team Ontario team.


Boundary Restrictions: Where you live matters. 

Any player under 19yrs of age as of December 31st  of the playing year, who resides in a community offering a women’s field lacrosse program for which she is eligible to play, MUST register with that club.

If there is no available program in the community for which they are eligible to play, a player may play in the next closest centre offering a women’s field program.​

The "next closest centre” is determined by measuring the distance from the player’s residence to the closest boundary point to each club. Player’s do not have a right of choice between two clubs.

Determining a player's home club and helping clarify residency rules for new members can be challenging.  The OLA has introduced a new feature "Where do I play?" specifically to help address questions and determine which club new players should register with when they fall outside a club's clearly defined area.


For more information go to:

New players may contact for their answer. 


A player must return back to their home centre in year 2 if that club offers a program for which they are eligible to participate in.



  • All players must be first registered with their home club prior to seeking a release

  • All release requests must be submitted by May 15th to allow all due processes to be completed by registration cut off date 

  • Parent/Guardian/Player  to complete Section 1 and submit to the President of their home club

  • A copy of the release is to be sent to OWFL Registrar 

  • The home club must respond to the applicant within 72 hours to acknowledge receipt of the request

  • The home club must either 

          a)  set a date, time & location (with a reasonable time frame) when the release hearing will be held OR 

          b)  provide the applicant with the approved release form

  • Releases may be conditional or unconditional

  • If the release is granted, conditional or unconditional, the player must present the signed two page form to the registrar of their new club/association.  It must be attached to the new registration as proof of release.

  • Residency Rules apply to all age categories with the exception of Seniors and U8 

  • No rep player may be conditionally released more than once to the same club.  If a club releases a Rep player to the same club for a second time, that player is then unconditionally released to the club.

  • A player released to play House League may not play Rep for that club.  Any player released to play House League may be released more than once to the same club without becoming unconditionally released​​

See the OWFL By-Laws for more information.

Release Procedures
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