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Player safety is of paramount importance to us.  Brain injuries can have devastating consequences which is why every coach and trainer needs to have a basic understanding of concussions.  New this year, the Making Head Ways module on is mandatory for all bench staff.

ALL coaches and trainers require Making Head Ways. Module is available at:


Tent Protocol at OWFL Events

·       Regardless of wind conditions at the fields all tents need to be staked or pegged.  If you don’t have anything to do this with (i.e. you forgot or lost the pegs) – the tent should not be set up.

·       All tents set up at the OWFL fields must have someone responsible for monitoring the tent and wind conditions that could make the tent unstable. Regardless of the tent size or staking measures taken - there may be weather conditions during the day the tents are not safe and should be collapsed or taken down.

·       Tents should never be left at any point during the day unoccupied. If there has been a tent set up and spectators or teams move to leave the area – the tent should be taken down or someone left in charge to monitor.

Player Bench Area

·       Only one tent should be set for a team around the bench area.

·       The team tent must be properly staked/pegged or weighted.

·       A bench person must be given the responsibility of monitoring the stability of the tent with regard to the ongoing and developing wind conditions.

·       After the game is complete – the tent must be taken down or removed from that side of the field.

·       It is OWFL Protocol that spectators (and their tents) should not be on the player side of the fields.  Officials will be instructed to enforce this rule.   There should no tents left attended anywhere but extra caution and diligence should be taken to ensure that tents in close proximity to the player benches are removed.

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