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Women‘s Field Lacrosse Sticks

Most readily available womens field lacrosse sticks are legal for play in OWFL.

Protective Eyewear

OWFL highly recommends the use of goggles at all ages divisions for safety.  It is the intent of the OWFL to phase in mandatory goggles for U9, U11 and U13 in the 2020 season.  Some OWFL clubs have proactively mandated goggles at all age divisions.

Note: Some players that wear glasses have been wearing protective eyewear over their glasses. There is currently nothing in the rules to prevent this. However, some of the protective eyewear products are not designed to be worn over glasses and players should be aware of the potential dangers of using equipment in a manner that it was not intended.

Mouth Guards

All players, including the goalkeeper, must properly wear a professionally manufactured mouth guard that fully covers the upper teeth.   The mouth guard shall be of any readily visible colour other than colourless or white and must not have graphics of teeth.   Mouth guards must not be altered to decrease protection and field players must remove protruding tabs.

The Ball

The ball must be smooth rubber and may be any solid colour.  For games U13 and older, the colour of the ball must be yellow. 

U11 Soft Lacrosse Balls

As our youngest girls learn to play the sport of women‘s field lacrosse, the OWFL has agreed to continue the use of the soft pink lacrosse ball.

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