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One  of the following certifications listed in the document below is required in order to serve as a team trainer.  All certifications must be valid and up to date.

OLA Trainer Certifications 2020

- A professional designation which includes a current letter of employment
(acceptable examples: MD; RN; Police Officer, Firefighter, First Responder,

* Please note that CPR as a stand alone certification is NOT an equivalency.

When registering online as a trainer, a copy of the valid certification must be uploaded in order for your registration to be completed and approved.

If you registered as a trainer last year and your certification is still valid, there is no need to upload a copy of your certification as it is kept on the system. However, you are still required to register each year as a trainer. 

Criminal Record Checks

As a reminder, all coaches and bench staff in the OWFL who may come into contact with any participant under the age of 18 must have a current police check on file with their home club.

Senior teams cannot call up players under the age of 18 unless the staff has police checks on file.

There are no exceptions to this policy, so please be diligent in getting these completed ASAP!

Check with your home association webpage for links to criminal record check policies and/or declaration forms.

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