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Officiating Award Winners

The Ontario Lacrosse Officials Association (OLOA) and the OWFL honour three Women's Field Lacrosse Officials on an annual basis for their dedication to the game as officials.

Past, current, and future award winners will be posted here.

Congratulations to the 2023 winners of the OLOA Molly McIntyre Spirit of Lacrosse Award, Olivia Toll, and the Jane Acton Award, Sarah Jamieson. Both incredibly well deserved!

In 2023, the OWFL also introduced a new honour - The Stephen Taylor Award Scholarship. The innaugural recipient was Kate Ferguson. Congratulations, Kate!


The Jane Acton Award

Awarded annually since 2007 by the Ontario Lacrosse Official’s Association to the

women’s field official who has shown outstanding growth in knowledge of the rules

and professionalism on the field throughout the season.

Past winners include:

2007 Marisa Di Bari (Toronto)

2008 Carolyn Toll (Oshawa)

2009 Cheryl MacNeill (Oshawa)

2010 Molly McIntyre (Belleville)

2012 Stephen Taylor (Port Credit)

2013 Jackie Heaton (Peterborough)

2014 Tony Intranuovo (Alton)

2015 Emmi Morris (Brampton)

2016 Rachel Johnston (St. Catharines)

2017 Hanna Burnett (Guelph)

2018 Lindsay Palmer (Whitby)

2019 Maegan McCrory (London)

2022 Clare Anderson (Georgetown)

2023 Sarah Jamieson (Mimico)


The Molly McIntyre Spirit of Lacrosse Award

Awarded annually since 2013 by the Ontario Lacrosse Official’s Association to the women’s field official who has earned the respect of peers through excellence on the field, service to the game, and mentorship of fellow officials over the course of the season.

Past winners include:

2013 Carolyn Toll (Oshawa)

2014 Marisa Di Bari (Toronto)

2015 Rachel Johnston (St. Catharines)

2016 Cheryl MacNeill (Oshawa)

2018 Rachel Johnston (St. Catharines)

2019 Hanna Burnett (Guelph)

2022 Kylea Dobson (Oshawa)

2023 Olivia Toll (Oshawa)


The Stephen Taylor Award Scholarship

Awarded to an OWFL official who is accepted at or attending a post-secondary institution,  who has taken part in the OWFL as an official in the current season and who indicates a desire to continue to develop as an official in the future. This individual demonstrates a passion and a dedication to the sport of women’s field lacrosse in the spirit of Stephen Taylor.   

Stephen Taylor has had a long and impressive career in women’s lacrosse both in Canada and internationally.  Stephen has umpired more than 100 international matches and served as Chair of Women’s Officiating for the FIL. Stephen has made an equally impressive contribution to the growth and development of women’s lacrosse in Ontario, taking on a variety of leadership roles at the club and provincial levels including serving as OWFL Commissioner.  During his tenure, Stephen championed important changes to bylaws, communications and the registration process.  He has left an indelible mark on women’s field lacrosse at home and abroad.

Inaugural recipient:

2023 Kate Ferguson (KW)

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