The mandate of the OWFL is to provide opportunities for girls and women of all ages to participate in women’s field lacrosse in the province of Ontario.   The  OWFL organizes and co-ordinates all sanctioned competitions and related activities for the sport of women’s field lacrosse in Ontario.



January 2021

Greetings and Happy 2021!

Welcome to a New Year, which brings with it a renewed energy and hope for an exciting 2021 field lacrosse season! We hope you all had a wonderful, safe and healthy holiday season!

We have enjoyed seeing our member clubs’ social posts about getting outdoors and being active during the lockdown period.  Many of you have been walking, running, and doing wall ball and stick drills at home, which is terrific to see! There are lots of safe exercises that you can do while at home, to stay in season-ready condition. Don’t forget to follow your local member clubs via social media to stay connected to what’s happening in your local lacrosse communities!

We can’t wait to see all your smiling faces back on the fields this spring!

During these changing and uncertain times, our priority is the health, safety and well-being of our member clubs – and ensuring that we can facilitate a fun, engaging on-field experience this coming Spring!

Throughout the lockdown period our Board is busy working through all the details for the upcoming season – including updated COVID protocols - to be able to open registration and welcome you back to an exciting 2021 season. Our focus is to have a safe and successful on-field season, and so we are in discussions in partnership with the Ontario Lacrosse Association as well as representatives from our member clubs. We hope to kick off registration soon, with the season starting in May 2021.

Stay tuned for 2021 OWFL season dates and details!


Yvonne Harding

OWFL Commissioner



We are all struggling with the dizzying change that has been thrust upon our daily lives since March 13th and as adults we are also trying to provide some constancy and support for our kids.  Not easy when the sands seem to be shifting daily and the goals they had set for themselves this year seem so out of reach.  The time frame may have been altered and the path could look different from what they expected. 

This is certainly the time when our girls could most use sport as an outlet and while many may be connecting on social media with their teams or working hard individually, some may be finding the loss of school, sport, summer jobs and other plans overwhelming.   So if your daughter is struggling, you might find the following articles helpful in how to talk with her about the loss she is feeling.  

Grieving The Loss of Camp

Teen Girls' Risk for Depression During the COVID-19 Crisis

Another resource that athletes can use themselves if they are looking for and needing support is the Kids Help Phone.  Staffed 24/7 with professionals, this resource can be used effectively by children and youth alike.  There are options to phone, text or access their website at kidshelphone.ca.



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Rescheduled to Summer 2021


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